Organic Food Diet: Best Health Diets

Many people who are looking to eat healthier and live better are turning to organic foods and supplements. Many individuals rave about the excellence of organic foods and products without discussing any disadvantages. Unfortunately, sometimes organic is not the best way to go for dieters seeking better health and well-being from eating a supposedly healthier diet. There certainly are advantages to eating an organic diet, but as with most diets, going organic has its disadvantages as well, and they should be taken into consideration by anyone looking to spend their time and money on such a diet. You must determine for yourself if the pros outweigh the cons.

Advantages of an Organic Diet

The flavor of organic food is said to be better than commercially grown foods. For instance, vegetables that are grown organically are said to be more mouthwatering and juicy, and surprisingly crisp. Organic farms do not use any artificial pesticides or preservatives. Also, foods that are organic do not contain any growth hormones or artificial coloring, flavoring or sweeteners. A big factor with an organic diet is that it tends to be higher in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids than a non-organic diet. For example, the Paleo diet, The PaleoHacks Cookbook Review post we have in our blog.

Disadvantages of an Organic Diet

One major consideration is that organic farming is not as productive as commercial farming. This means that less food is produced per acre of land, meaning that the prices for foods using this slow process are going to be much higher than the prices of commercially farmed foods. Also, organic food doesn’t have a long shelf life, which means that you will be buying food more often than if you were following a diet that incorporates commercially grown foods. And although most people think organic foods are generally safe, there may actually be toxins on the food in question. Some manufacturers of organic foods admit that not all soils they use have nontoxic pesticides and additives in them and that toxic residue can remain on organic food.