21 Day flat belly fix review

How I found a great diet weight loss program 

Nowadays everyone wants to be healthy and fit, and I think it is a great trend of modern lifestyle. Seriously, everyone in his life thought about diet program or a flat belly. I am a mother in my early thirties, and I am no exception. When I become a mother, I entered a great new journey. But  I have met some new friends: the extra pounds, problems with my skin, the body that is not fit anymore and a very strange feeling that I lost some moment, but which one is a question. After months of frustrating feelings of being sad for myself, I have decided to change something in my everyday routine. To build new me with a new regime, to find new tips on how to stay healthy. I bet most of you once or even more, were thinking or searching for a weight loss program.  Have you ever heard about online diet training? My usual tips to get myself a flat belly and to lose weight weren’t helpful. And I started searching online for answers because. There were tons of information, offers, different types of supplements, programs, nutrition websites, some of them looked like a scam. I have read a huge amount of reviews, promos, and videos searching for benefits for myself on how to lose weight and keep it afterward.

great diet weight loss program

Once, I stumbled upon a site. This was how I have found IT  – a 21-day flat belly fix program. And the question arises in front of me: Is it enough to have only 21 days to burn your belly fat and to review your lifestyle to get the benefit of a diet program which you just saw for a minute?  But when I started to read more and more about this program, I realized that it is a great symbiosis of food and training that helps to upgrade yourself. For me, it becomes a mind-blowing finding that still helps me and becomes a part of my lifestyle. And I felt that it was my due to write about it.

Todd Lamb and his 21-days flat belly fix program description 

21-days flat belly fix program description

It is a program made by a Todd Lamb, a person with military experience and knowledge of how to make yourself healthy and fit. Todd Lamb created this weight loss program for his wife. She was a  police officer and after a terrible car accident started struggling with the overweight. His program provides a 21-day program with the step by step instruction, a list of exercises, diet secrets, food lists, recipe books and exceptional knowledge of how to become and stay fit after 21 days has expired. As science says, it takes 3 weeks to build a new habit. In this program, it is a habit to be healthy and well-shaped.

Of course, I have read all the flat belly fix program reviews before I started, and I was like hypnotized and excited to start it. I am a very passionate person and I wanted to give a try just to find out whether all those reviews are real or not. A 21-day flat belly fix program had to meet all my demands. First of all, I wanted: to lose weight, make myself fit again, to get my flat belly back and to keep the result afterward. According to the description of this program, it was designed to build lifestyle habits to lose weight for people like me. It helps you to understand such things as hunger control, leptin sensitivity, turmeric and other spices, meal composition, energy system shift, insulin levels and all the gender benefits of this flat belly fix program. 

It was created for people with a desire to workout and to be a better, healthier version of themselves,  but they just don’t know how to start and what to do at the beginning.

And so I started… It wasn’t hard at first, but it was hard. Because, I forgot how to discipline myself, how to control my food passion, but my will of changes was stronger than all the laziness in my mind. Here I’ll provide a detailed review to help you to understand how it works and is it works for real.

How does the flat belly diet work

The main idea is to take control of your hunger and appetite because it helps to lose weight. Program is provided with useful knowledge about the leptin sensitivity and how to learn to control leptin level to make your body burn fat and not to get it back, about the insulin sensitivity and how it is possible to improve it using exercises and knowledge about diet. Todd Lamb is giving us all the information we need to know about how it works on us with scientifically backed examples and data and how it can be used for both men and women.

After taking a simple quiz that program is starting with, I figured out what food and exercises are the best for me. The program includes a recipe book. Recipe book of smoothies. The best part of my everyday meal. It is always easy to make just by mixing everything in a blender. And here you are, you have a simple delicious fat-burning drink. As for me, it sounds amazing, you drink a fat-burning smoothie and you are happy because you are not hungry and it is very tasty. For example, avocado-berry and turmeric chai smoothies are my favorite.

What can be better than a fulfilling and healthy drink for your lunch made with no effort? 

Anyway, there is also a separate recipe book of different kinds of meals, including desserts you can cook and eat because the program is teaching you how to eat correctly to reach your goal faster and to keep it afterward and it gives you tips on how to do it. That is why I liked the program even more. And there is a comprehensive list of products that I can purchase while I am on a flat belly diet. While I was on a program I could make a delicious meal and my family liked it too.

A few words about Flat Belly Tea. What are the ingredients in the flat tummy tea?

One of the most important parts of the program is A Flat Belly Tea. You will have to drink it every morning during the whole program to make sure that you will burn your belly fat. So-called fat burning booster. You can mix it on your own or just simply buy it online with the program. Mr. Lamb is providing you a recipe for his flat belly fix tea, and he is explaining how the ingredients are working for the good of your body and help your body start working. Tea is not very easy to be made on your own just from the first try, but as soon as you will figure out how it should be done you can save a little money, and it is a great benefit. You will have to get some natural ingredients and special MCT oil (which you are buying with the program), take a couple of tries and, hopefully, you will reach the exact secret tea. One of the products in tea is turmeric. And I have never thought that it would help me with burning fat. Simply just adding it to my food or smoothie. Or cinnamon. You will be surprised how it works and how easy you may cook it. 

A Mysterious MCT OIL 

One of the important ingredients in recipes for smoothies, tea and meals is MCT Oil. It is a supplement often added to salad dressings, smoothies. Commonly it produced from coconut oil, but also can be found in palm oil and some dairy products. MCT means medium-chain triglyceride. We know triglyceride as a fat, but MCT because of being shorter than the usual form of triglyceride, digested faster and it doesn’t settle down in your body “for future use”. Many health benefits are linked to how your body possesses this fat. According to one study, MCT Oil included in your breakfast helps you to eat less for your lunch or even dinner. It is because this has 10% more calories than usual triglyceride. Also, this oil can be an instant source of energy, help reduce heart disease, control blood sugar level and can fuel your brain by being converted into ketones. Isn’t it sound fantastic? But there can be some drawbacks, that is why I will advise to use it wisely as it said in the program guide.

So what is a flat belly fix program and how does it work? 

    After I was familiar with the delicious part of the program, I started to learn more about the exercises that I had to do on a daily basis. All the exercises provided can be easily made at home only for 7 minutes a day without any gym equipment. At first, it took me a little more than 7 minutes, but a week later I made it. It is really hard when you haven’t been training for years and have some extra pounds. That is why it took me 8 days to get used to all the exercises, and partially it is because I managed to lose weight and to control my appetite. 

One more important thing is that all exercises are accompanied by videos on a program website and are greatly explained so anybody could do them at home. It helped me a lot at first and everyday workout routine become something usual. Sometimes I was doing them with my kid, so it took me more time and of course more effort to do the exercises. But in such moments I felt a huge burst of energy and support. 

When I got used to my morning workout routine, I thought how can I speed up the result. So I also did some cardio. There is also a cardio bonus in the program that can be added to your daily exercises just a  few times a week. You can choose the most suitable for your type of exercise depending on your physical potential. It is also accompanied by video instructions.

By the way, there is also a Yoga program if some of you prefer this type of exercise to other types of physical activity. As for me, it worked in the usual manner: cardio and exercises.

Does 21-day flat belly fix work? Are there any disadvantages?

You see, when I was thinking about writing a 21-days flat belly fix reviews I started thinking about the pros and cons of it, and, of course, I can tell you anything to convince you that this program is just an amazing thing that happens in my life and you would love it from the very beginning. But… But I can only share with you my observations. And this program really made changes: changes in my understanding of diets and weight loss. So here some advantages I have noted to myself, and you can decide is it works for you or not: 

  • E-version of program. You can download all the material to your device and use it whenever and wherever it is suitable for you.
  • You can learn about your body. How it works? What is in charge of your metabolism? What is Insulin and how can you work out and lose weight having insulin sensitivity?
  • It has effective tips on how to have a meal and to control your fat burning.
  • 21-day flat belly protocol shifts your usual lifestyle into a healthy habits lifestyle.
  • After taking all the steps consistently you will get the result and, of course, you are happy with yourself, your body and your mind.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t found any disadvantages for myself. 

As a conclusion, I can tell you that this diet program brought me only the benefits. It worked for me. And it is working now while I am writing this text. 3 months later after 21 days program has ended I still do everyday workout routine, cardio and now I started a Yoga program. 

Of course, smoothies have become an essential part of my everyday lunch and the food I have learned to cook during the program is one of the favorites in my family right now. I use almost all the recipes in my everyday life, so there is no need for a diet program now.

 Thanks to Todd Lamb I have made a review of my whole lifestyle and worked so hard to burn my belly fat, shift usual food with a meal from a 21-Day Flat Belly Fix Program recipes books, learned a lot about how my body works. Thanks to all the knowledge from that program I have healthy skin I was dreamed for a long time since I became a mother.

I hope this flat belly fix review will help you to understand whether you need this program or not. With the fact that they have a money back guarantee.

Thank you for your time.

21 Day flat belly fix review 2020 | Diet
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Does 21-day flat belly fix work? Are there any disadvantages?
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